Wirbel Laborgeräte specializes in the Development, Production, Sales and Service of Analysis
Equipment, Environmental Control Equipment and Laboratory Furnaces. One of the results of our
working is the CESA 40 System - a modern and easy-to-use Analysis system which will provide you with
quick and reliable determination.
The CESA 40 System is available in three different configurations:
CESA 40: for quick and easy determination of
sulphur and carbon
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CESA 40 CHN:for quick and easy determination of
carbon,hydrogen and nitrogen
CESA 40 TOC:for quick and easy determination
of TOC, DOC, TIC and TC
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Operation and Analysis

Place an empty ceramic boat on top of the electronic balance and reset balance to zero. Thereafter you can insert your samples i.e. material containing sulphur or carbon in coke, coal, oil, gypsum, cement, soils, plants, peat, tobacco, shampoo, metal and other materials, #1 to #20, in the ceramic boat. The balance will accept samples from 20 mg to 999 mg.
Next place the ceramic boat into the sample carousel on any free position (#1 to #20).

The only operator action is the preparation of samples and placing the ceramic boats into the carousel!

The system is self-calibrating. Start the system by computer dialog. The pneumatic-cylinder will move the sample into the combustion-furnace. The sample will combust under oxygen at 1300° C.
The oxygen carries the combustion gases, containing SO2 (sulphur) and / or containing CO2 (carbon) through dust and moisture traps to a flow controlled unit, and then with a constant flow of combustion gases through the infrared-systems.
The infrared-systems send electrical signals via analog-digital converters to the personal computer.
At the end of every cycle the pneumatic-cylinder will throw out the ceramic boat.

All important parameters like combustion-gasflow, combustion-curve, results, time and date, the name of the operator etc., will show up on the color-monitor and are also saved to the hard-disc.
There is a graphic printer connected to the system to printing of the results.
The system is measuring continously during every cycle.
One cycle from start of analysis to the end is approx. 90 seconds.
The maintenance of the traps, combustion-tube and the filters need very little service.